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Zamudio, lost at night

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The National Television of Chile (TVN) released a new fiction miniserie which tells the familiar and personal story of Daniel Zamudio, a young homosexual who died at the San Borja Park in Santiago de Chile. The miniserie was released last sunday March 29th.

The brutal assassination of Daniel Zamudio shook the conservative chilean society in 2012 and became as a symbol against homophobic violence in Chile.

Zamudio, lost at night” was inspired in the book of Rodrigo Fluxá, “Alone at night“, and has four chapters.

The miniserie explores the family and personal story of Daniel and his murderers. The story starts the night of the attack on March 2nd in 2012.

This way the stories are inserted with the interrogation made by the prosecutor to the four defendants in front of a camera and their life stories.

The serie tells the lives of this young men, their families and close relations, and let us know their dreams, affective and economic lacks.

The actors are Nicolás Rojas, (Daniel), Ernesto Meléndez (“Jano Core”), Michael Silva (Ariel Andrade), Sebastián Rivera (Ramón Contreras) and Matías Orrego (Matías Soto).

Even though the story shook Chile three years ago, the programme only got 7,1 points of rating and got a peak of 9 point, on Twitter became Trending Topic.

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