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Venezuela: A new law protects people with HIV

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Since 1999, in Venezuela the gov’t assists and provides all antiretroviral drugs prescribed for citizens living with the hiv virus, for free.

About 43.000 persons attend gov’t health institutions to get their drugs and dietary supplement.

However, several NGO’s denounced, through social networks discrimination acts against people living with hiv or their relatives as well. So it’s told by Alberto Nieves, in a report at the Fundación reflejos de Venezuela site.

For that reason, last august the venezuelan parliament approved a law for “Rights Promotion and protection to equality of people with hiv/aids”.

This new law says that “It won’t be allowed discriminations based on race, sex, religion, social condition or those with which have as object or result to void or underestimate the recognition or equality conditions of the people’s rights and liberty“.

The law also establishes, among other issues the job security for people with hiv; what means the virus is not a restriction to work or study.

As well, compels the social media to promote the equality rights and no discrimination to people with hiv or aids and their relatives too.

After several months, the president Nicolás Maduro enacted the law last december 30th.

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