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A long way for gay marriage in Peru

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Last march 10th, the Justice and Human Rights Comision of the peruvian Congress decided to dismiss the same sex Civil Union bill, presented by deputy Carlos Bruce. As consequence of this, the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transexuals community are disposed to take the congress a new bill of homosexual marriage and adoption too.

After the failure of civil union bill, we have joined and took the decision to ask for more rights. Obviously this includes the gay marriage and adoption because all latin american countries are going in that way“, said Gio Infante, president of Lima Homosexual Movement (MHOL).

He also added that on june 28th, the gay day pride, a homosexual couple will try to get married at the city hall, and after the permission being denied, the case will be taken to the Supreme Court, which should solve if marriage is or not allowed, if the answer is negative, they would go international courts.


Gio Infante also said that “it is almost impossible” the reconsideration of the civil union vote at the congress, because it is needed a special majority.

The chances for reconsideration are few. There is a high fence, because it is required 9 votes of the 16 congressmen. If the bill has not got simple majority, is highly difficult, almost impossible, to get a special majority” he added.

Mirada-h tried to get a statement from Mr. Gio Infante, but we had no answer.

Source: Peru21

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