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Gay Tourism in Southamerica

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Great news filled the atmosphere at ITB, the international tourism fair held in Berlin, Germany. The event was sourrounded by an optimistic climate, putting aside the economic crisis that affected part of the world during the last years. The market for lesbians, gays, transexuals and bisexuals (LGTB) is consolidating as an important segment not only as a market itself but the destinations too. LGTB agents said that Iran, Russia and some africans countries are the worst destinations for the gay tourism nowadays. For the persecution that suffer the gay community in those places by laws that punish homosexual behaviors or capital punishment in some cases. In Spain and Argentina the gay market is growing, because of the tolerance and the laws that benefit this segment. In Latin america, Argentina stands as the most chosen destination, and Uruguay is close behind. According the gay lesbian chamber of argentina nearly 15% of the tourism which gets to the country belongs to this segment. The most popular cities prefered by gay tourist are Buenos Aires first, for its wide offering in services and products. However cities as Mendoza, Rosario, Mar del Plata and Cordoba are well positioned. The interest in the gay tourism is growing becaus it is estimated that gays spend even 50% plus than heterosexuals tourists.

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