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Transforming the salty sea water into fresh drinking water: The Eliodoméstico

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Most of the water on the planet surface is salty and can not be used for drinking untill it is desalinated.

The Italian Gabriele Diamanti, is a conscious designer and committed with changes, who wanted to give their input and an ecological, sustainable, economic and local production solution, to solve the problem of water scarcity in many places.

His ELIODOMESTICO is a solar distiller that transforms the salty water into fresh drinking water. Designed specifically for households in developing countries, he performed this invention that uses solar energy to desalinate seawater and turn it into drinking water.

It is a simple design that requires no electricity and no filters or spare parts, with simple maintenance. It is made from three pieces of ceramics and its mechanism is very simple: you only need to fill the upper reservoir with sea water and screw the cap to prevent evaporation.

The sun heats the water inside the tank, which will evaporate and pass through a conduit to a container where it will condense, having become potable fresh water. With this system, you get up to five liters of drinking water a day.

The ELIODOMESTICO is made 100% native, such as clay and recycled sheet metal materials. These materials are worked by hand and ELIODOMESTICO is produced by local labor; eliminating transportation costs and assumes a positive impact on the economy of the region. Its simple design makes it very easy to repair and maintain.

The design project is part of the movement ELIODOMESTICO “open source” so that anyone can improve and expand. The ELIODOMESTICO Émile Hermès was shortlisted for the award in 2011 and was awarded the Core77 Design Award 2012 in the category of “Social Impact”.

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