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All you should know about your dick

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Penis is an important part of the masculine body and also a tool pleasure, which needs to be cared. Many problems related to penis, come up for lack of care.

These may end into infections, indented, ardency during sexual relations, lesions and other problems. Visit your Physician always. Some recommendations and tips are for your health care.

Smoking may shorten your penis almost one centimeter: The erections depend almost exclusively from the right blood flow, and tobacco calcifies blood vessels, avoiding the erectile circulation. So if you don’t mind your lungs or die young, do it for your dick.

Sexuality: Sexual relations are source for pleasure and health, however they should be done with responsibility. The right use of condom always will be the key for mutual protection.

Vaccinates: Men and women sexually active must vaccinate against the human papilloma virus (HPV) that, although it doesn’t protect you of all types of virus, it does against the most aggressive related to cancer.

Work out: Exercising your body reduces the risk of having erectile dysfunction and improve the performance in the sexual relations.

Hygiene: It is required to wash your penis properly. Do not forget to clean under the foreskin to avoid infections.

Medicines: Some medicines may affect the performance and quality of erections, that’s why it is important to know the secondary effects of medicines.

Good Health: Give up smoking and reduce the alcohol consumption will help to recover sexual vitality.

Pleasure: The men’s average orgasm time lasts 6 seconds. In women lasts 23 seconds.

Orgasm duration: German researchers say the average time of coition is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Sizes: There are two penis classes, the ones which expand and grow when the erection comes (growing) and the ones which look big all the time, but “barely” grow when the erection comes (exhibitionist).
A masculine health research says that 79% of men have “growing” erections, and the 21% left have the “exhibicionist” erection.

Size matters: Forget the phrase “size doesn’t matter”. The bigger your penis, the better is the “semen evacuation”.

Semen quality: Men with a good physical look, athletic and virile are better sperm producers.

Ejaculation: The main cause of penile injuries is the vigorous masturbation.

Prostate: Having a big prostate gland may cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If you suffer one of these cases. Attend your Physician.

Source: Dr. Mike Zimmerman for Men’s Health Germany.

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