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Solar Shingles for Energy or Heat

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Every day, we look for new energy sources that are environmentally friendly. Therefore, a Swedish company has designed new solar panels, which are covered and protected by glass tiles.
The new proposal can be integrated in projects as well as new construction and recycling of buildings. It is to replace traditional roof tiles or slate tiles transparent glass.
The energy passing through these parts is absorbed by specially designed modules for capturing sunlight and that are located under the shingles and protected by them.
The energy thus absorbed is converted into heat (Sigma Soltech system) or electricity (Soltech Power System).

The system is designed to generate heat and hot water. The energy produced is connected to the accumulator and from there, is distributed throughout the building with a water radiator system. The accumulator can be adapted to the shape of the roof and the energy needs of the property. By using an inverter, the electricity generated is converted into electricity that can be transmitted to the mains.
Solar cells are placed under the shingles, protected against weather effects (wind, rain, etc.), constituting a fully integrated intelligent building installation. The solar cells used, production and Soltech design, are more effective than traditional silicon to absorb both direct sunlight and diffuse.

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