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Theater: Salsipuedes; a well-different dramatic comedy

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Carlos de la Rosa is a famous singer, arrogant and tired of his fans, arrives to his father’s house at the small town of “Salsipuedes” in Cordoba, Argentina; after receiving a letter of his, with whom has had little relationship.
Instead he meets Leonora who introduces herself as his father’s assistant, and a fan of the famous singer and his songs.

She tells him that his father is on a trip, and before the bad weather strikes to Salsipuedes, Carlos de la Rosa accepts to stay at the house waiting for his father’s return.

This way starts this dramatic comedy which goes on with a high dosis of intrigue, and full of mystery, deceits, obsessions, illusions and disappointments.

Ulises Puiggrós (Carlos de la Rosa) succeeds in showing the egocentrism to a higher level, somehow a metrosexual, who tries to hide his human miseries behind his hits sparks; meanwhile Nancy Barbero (Leonora) gets to convince the audience in a awesome way with her small town girl role; sometimes sympathetic and funny, sometimes mysterious and obsessive. She prints the most dramatical moments of the play, acting them in a perfection way.

The duo guides the spectator through the suspicion, the laughs, romantic and drama moments to a totally unexpected ending.

Salsipuedes gets to surprise not only for its story, quite different to the common ones, but also for the chemistry of its actors, and the outstanding direction of Gabriel Villalba who handles the theatrical space, and maintains the spectator on the edge.

The music made by Stereopop, gives the play a suitable frame.

Salsipuedes, is a dramatic comedy which surprises you and takes you get to be involved in the proposal story.
La Comedia Theater, Rodríguez Peña St. 1062, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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