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Theater: Butterfly Swimming

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Buenos Aires: There is a time in our lives, when we should take the wheel of our own existence and start appearing family mandates, which sometimes fight against the deepest desires but they sometimes don’t fit.

Butterfly Swimming tells the story a a swimmer who gets prepared to compete meantime the recalls of youth come up on stage.

Pablo is at the swimming-pool. People is watching him. It is the previos day of the competition and there is so much to say yet. The old Mar del Plata of the eighties is now, just a sepia color picture. He swims, he always swims. The Competition comes closer and he is afraid.

Butterfly Swimming, makes you think on the baggage human being carry and should fight with their desires.

Technical List
Starring: Fernando Sayago
Scenography: Agustín Escalante
Lights: Gastón Calvi
Led System Design: Verónica Lanza
Costumes: Alfredo de la Fuente
Music: Fernando Sayago
Photography: Ezequiel Demaestri
Graphic Design: Alejandro Ojeda
Press: Duche & Zárate
Trailer: Vicente Vila
General Production: El Desvío
Director Assistant: María Julieta Prieto
Author and Direction: Lucas Lagré

From August 6th. at Espacio Poloniam -Fitz Roy 1477 – Buenos Aires- Saturdays at 20:30hs. Ticket: $130 – Retirees and students: $100.

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