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Theater: Beloved Mother

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Buenos Aires: Times have changed, nowadays in most of the western countries protecto people of a different sexual orientation, however, somewhere in a lost little town of any of these western countries you’re gonna find that “fag” that still keeps in his memory those past years, when things were tough, very tough.

“Alfredito” is one of those little town’s fags, born during the dictatorship of Franco, he got to know hard discrimination was just for being “gay”. However, he never gave up searching his happiness.

Beloved Mother, is a story that takes us to the south of Spain, in a lost corner of the pretty Andalucía, and get us naked life of a human being absolutely adorable, and loved. He tell us a thousand of stories, of his childhood till his first love. That man who loved him too, but, maybe his lack of brave or his prejudice, never let him to bear up “social prejudice” and be happy as he really felt.

Oscar Giménez, has many resources as the great actor he is, and plays the role of “Alfredito” outstanding. In spite of some moments of sadness and intensity, the play never bore the spectator.

Sweet, emotional and optimistic; that is Beloved Mother.

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