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Theater: Eva’s sons

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Everybody may talk about love and dreams, but it is not easy to find a new kind of love and dream. Though “Eva’s sons” seem to have done it.

The story is about a group of 5 interns in a psychiatric, whose coexistence into a room strip out their passions, dreams and old injuries, making unbreakable affective laces.

The play goes through a path of joy, emotion moments, and awesome reactions; the most outstanding characters are Jorge (Julián Outeda), who no doubt has the best performance, followed by Juan (Ulises Puiggrós) who takes the scene with aplomb, then comes Rosendo, the male nurse (Emanuel García) who has an outstanding performance for a few moment, but sometimes is out of that line.

Arturo (Ezequiel Martínez), Domingo (Diego Schmukler), Jesús (Santiago López) and the Doctor (Raúl Santoandré) complete the characters of this play.

Eva’s sons reach the deepest fiber of heart, touching him with a optimistic message. Absolutely advisable.

Direction Diego Doello

Ulises Puiggrós : Juan
Julián Outeda: Jorge
Ezequiel Esteban Martinez: Arturo
Diego Schmukler: Domingo
Santiago López: Jesús
Emanuel García: Rosendo
Raúl Santoandré: Doctor

Photography: Juan Pablo Chiodini / Estudio Vanilla

Saturdays 23 hs, Auditorio LOSADA / Corrientes Av. 1551-Buenos Aires-Argentina
Reservations: 54-11-4371.9098

With the support of Centro Cultural BORDA

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