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Feel your nuts! New viral Campaign

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With the Ice Bucket Challenge slowly melting away, the next viral awareness campaign brings celebs closer to their manhood.

Hugh Jackman is the latest celebrity to try to get the ball rolling on a new viral challenge for charity.

In the wake of the success of the now ubiquitous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, celebs are bringing awareness to testicular cancer by grabbing their manhood and nominating others to do the same.

It’s a question of time to know how successful this campaign may be and how many celebs will grab their crotch to bring awareness to testicular cancer.

What is the testicular cancer?

The testicular cancer may originate in one or both testicles in young men, nevertheless may be at any age. It is a sort of cancer treatable, and mostly healable.

Which are the risk factors to get testicle cancer?

A risk factor is the one which increases the chances to suffer an illness like cancer. However, to have one or more risks doesn’t imply that you will suffer this illness. And not to have any of the risk factors doesn’t imply you are free to suffer it.

Some factors to take into account:

1.- Undescended testicle

This means that one or both testicles haven’t descended from the abdomen to scrotum, which increases the chance to suffer testicular cancer.

2.- Genetic Background

If one man suffers this illness, the risk increases for his brothers or sons.

3.- Age

Around half of the testicular cancer tumors may manifest up from 20’s to 34’s years old. However, at any age men may suffer this kind of cancer, including babies and ancients.

4.- Race and etnic origins

The risk of suffering testicular cancer among white men are about four or five times more than black men.
In the world, the more risky men of suffering this illness are those who live in the United States and Europe, and the lowest risk men live in Africa and Asia.

Is it possible to detect testicular cancer at the beginning?

Most of testicular cancers may be detected in the first levels. In some men, testicular cancer may cause symptoms that alert patients to attend the doctor. Most of the times a bulge in the testicle is presented as the first sign, or may be a swollen or bigger testicle than normal. However, some kind of testicular cancers never cause any symptoms till an advanced level.

Self exam testicular

The best moment to examine your testicles are during or after the shower, when the scrotum skin is relaxed.

Simple steps to do it:
a) Try to keep your penis away during the testicular exam.
b) Hold your testicle between your fingers and with roll them slowly between your fingers.
c) Search and feel any hard bulge or nodule or any size change, shape or consistency of the testicles
If you detect anything odd, attend your urologist.

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