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According Roberto Piazza; gay is made, not born

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The argentine fashion designer, Roberto Piazza was on a t.v. show and re-opened the controversy telling something more about his personal story and how, in his opinion, his family affected him to become homosexual.
I am gay, not a psycho like my brother who is also a raper. (Roberto’s elder brother had abused him when he was a child till his seventeen’s). I am just gay. I don’t mind either being proud of it. I’m gay because I was raised like this, that’s enough”, he said. The t.v. host, Jorge Rial re-asked him: “You’ve just said something important. Did you say that you are gay because you were raised like this?”

“Of course, you are not gay by birth, this is not a genetic issue. You are raised like this” Piazza added.
The host said: “It’s interesting what you are saying, it is not a sexual choice then“, but the designer replied. “It’s not a sexual choice. That term is misunderstood and I will discuss all my life. You are raised in a way. When you are born, you are man o woman, you are raised and you can be homosexual, bisexual, lesbian but it is a question of breeding. The freudian formula is absent father, castrator mother. From that moment many things may shoot into anything” Piazza added.

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