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According to argentinian Deputy, Homosexuality was promoted by Néstor Kirchner

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Salta: The argentinian deputy in the province of Salta, Alfredo Olmedo said thatNéstor Kirchner promoted homosexuality at schools“. He based his statement in a false theory.

The Frankfurt School gives 10 commandments and Néstor Kirchner followed them step by step“, Olmedo said, in an interview with FM Profesional from Salta city. Note: That “school” has not only one theory. So that, it hasn’t 10 commandments.

Eventually Olmedo may have read an article, published some years ago by a northamerican catholic magazine and is on the web, which mentions the so-called basic principles. “Destruction of the family, go against Church, promote the comsumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs, dumbing down of people through television and the press, promote homosexuality at schools… All the things Néstor Kirchner did to broke up family. And if you have a broken family, it is not easy to recover it, it is like to break a table leg, it is not easy to put steady. That’s the result of 10 years of this kind of policy“.

Source: Infobae
Translation: Dano Pereyra

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