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Gay Rugbier attacked by a Gang

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Buenos Aires: A young man (25 y.o.) was brutally beaten by a gang into a McDonalds Shop in Palermo Neighbourhood in B.A. As they kicked him off, they shouted “Kill him, he is a fag”!

The victim was Jonathan Castellari, he was with a friend of his waiting for his hamburguer.

Jonathan got a fracture close to his eyes, at the beginning it was thought he was going to lose one eye, but fortunaley it didn’t occur.

Jonathan, once he left hospital decided to write a letter to a local newspaper.
“It is Jonathan Castellari, I am 25 years old, I raised in La Paternal Neighbourhood. I always knew I was homosexual, however, I tried to fit into the society. In my 16’s, I decided to come out to my mother but I had to leave home, she told “I wish I aborted you”.

Jonathan is member of Ciervos Pampas, the only gay rubgy team in Latin America.

I am fine right now. I can tell. But there is something I can’t stop wonder. What do gay teenagers in the closet feel, those who can’t come out, when they watched on T.V. what I suffered. Do they think if they “look gay” they will be beaten just like me?
If you wonder how you can help to change this insanity, teach, broadcast, talk to your family, friend, your children. Don’t shut up! Don’t be accomplice. Homosexuality is not a desease and homophobia is a way of hatred. Being gay is inborn: We wanna live without fear of going outside.”

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