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Uganda police raid U.S. project that assists gays

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Source: Aljazeera

Ugandan police have raided the offices of a United States-funded project known to offer AIDS services to homosexuals, a government spokesman said.The crackdown appeared to be the first public action by police to enforce a new law that has strengthened criminal penalties against gay sex.

Frank Mugisha, a gay leader in Uganda, said an Ugandan who worked for the project had been arrested and interrogated by police on Thursday.
The project – a nonprofit partnership between a Ugandan university and the US Military HIV Research Program – was known to offer services to gays who suffer from AIDS, he said.

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, in February enacted a new measure that allows up to life imprisonment for those convicted of engaging in gay sex and sets a seven-year jail term for the offence of “attempted homosexuality.”

Despite criticism from the US and other Western countries that say the law is draconian and should be repealed, it has wide popularity among Ugandans.

Museveni said gays deserved to be punished severely because homosexuality is “criminal and it is so cruel.”

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