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A sight over the argentine, norwegian and holland experiences.

Buenos Aires: The Norwegian embassy and the Homosexual Argentine Community (CHA), with the Netherlands embassy, another important associate in the defense of the international human rights, and the National School of Buenos Aires, where the event will take place. Altogether will organize the first conference on homo/lesbo/transphobic bullying on november 4th, 2014. The organizers will have working journey, where the three countries; Argentina, Netherlands and Norway will share the perspective and works on the inclusion issue and sexual diversity at schools. National and abroad experts on this issue will be present.

The Bullying is a problem set at schools around the world with severe consequences for the victims. Human rights organizations, media and governments from different countries have made outstanding t.v and photos campaigns to prevent and stop this kind of violence at schools.

In Argentina, C.H.A. (Argentine homosexual community) considers bullying a serious threaten to the integrity, dignity, life quality for young gays, lesbians, and transexuals; especially if we talk about violence, harassment, and direct or indirect aggression for sexual orientation and gender identity.

C.H.A. ha started an anti-bullying campaign that will take place in all the argentine schools with the support of the Norway Embassy in Argentina.

Among the speakers will be present Gustavo Zorzoli, National Buenos Aires School dean, the ambassador of Norway, Mrs. Janne Julsrud, ambassador of Netherlands, Mr. Martin de la Beij, Mr. Pedro Mouratian from the INADI, Mr. Cesar Cigliutti president of C.H.A., Mr. Bard Nylund director of the Norway homosexual association, Mr. Kai Eidsvik, Norway LGBTI representative and Mr. Peter Dankmeijer, GALE’s director.

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