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Peruvian President avoided to talk about Homosexual Civil Union

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Source: Peru21

President of Peru, Ollanta Humala said he has a personal opinion about the subject but as president he prefers being “prudence” on it, still at the parliament.

In an interview with the tv programmes “Dia D” and “Panorama” at the Government Palace, Humala said that as a leader he has to save wisely on this subjetct. HOwever in 2011, he had already talked about this theme as a candidate.

“If I had an opinion as a citizen, I won’t say a word. If you invite to have lunch at your home as Ollanta Humala I could tell you what I think, but as president I can’t do it” he aswered to the journalist Augusto Alvarez Rodrich. He also cleared that the Justice Ministry is not in favour or against the subject.

The statements of the president caused different reactions in the social networks, most of them assume that he is against the Homosexual Civil Union.

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