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Peruvians reject marriage for homosexuals

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In western countries have had been some hits during the last 15 years, on protecting rights of sexual minorities.
Countries such as Canada, United States, México, Argentina, Chile or Uruguay have laws as well court rulings that approve civil unions and leave far behind many years of hypocrisy by acknowledging the existence of different sorts of families and human relationships.

However, there are deep conservative societies that don’t admit, in anyway, that two same sex persons may love each-other and rise up a family.

One of these societies is Perú; with deep catholics roots (this characteristic is shared by Argentina, México, Uruguay and Chile as well) have manifested a nearly total rejection to endorse any kind of acknowledgment to civil union of same sex persons, even less marriage.

The consultant Vox Populi have published at the end of june a national poll, made in urban areas whose results say that 79% of peruvians rejects “homosexual marriage”, 89% say that the man-woman family is the most valued aspects of the society, besides 89% of population is against abortion.

Just a few months later of failing at the congress a civil union bill taken by the opposition to the government of president Ollanta Humala, Carlos Bruce, seems not to see a light at the end of the path in Perú, in civil rights to homosexuals.

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