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Pedro Aznar releases “Contraluz”

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As he always does, Pedro will delight his audience with songs from previous albums and some other songs of other authors that carry his own seal.

The band is formed by Alejandro Oliva on percussion, Julian Semprini on drums, Coqui Rodríguez on guitar, and Tomás Fares on keyboard.

“Contraluz” has 13 new songs, all of them written by Pedro Aznar, and the go through various styles from pop, rock, folk some bolero and even one ranchera. In this work he counts with a special guest, “Omara Portuondo”, who sings the bolero “The last song”.

“Contraluz” renew Aznar’s talent and creation as composer and singer, but also has a powerful sound, and an excelent sound.

This album was recorded in January and masterized by the end of february. The record is on sale all along the country on CD, vinyl and and digital HD platforms since May 10th.

Pedro has started the tour along the country and in Latin America.

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