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Paraguay: Protest against Gay Marriage and Abortion

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Hundreds of people marched through Asunción streets yesterday against the bill which allows same sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia, in a protest called by christian churches.

The manifestation was called by Catholic Church and many other evangelistic cults to ask the parliamentarians reject any bill which contents the right of life.

Marcos Vergara, evangelistic Churches representative, claimed “Not to manipulate kids and teenager’s minds through the gender ideology“, during the final meeting at the Oleary Square.

Vergara warned that “Human being identity is on risk” and demanded education based on the respect to custody.

Manifestators walked along 10 blocks with banners, balloons and read biblic segments, under the motto “Wake up Paraguay”.

Those who attack life have no rationality and no truth“, remarked the Asucion Bishop, Edmundo Valenzuela during the act.

Source: AFP-NA

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