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Pope Francis asked no to exclude Homosexuals

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Vatican City: Next Tuesday, will release the first interview-book on Pope Francis in more than 80 countries. The author is Andrea Tornielli who spent long time together Supreme Pontiff and let him write “The name of God is mercy“, a book that talks about the most current and controversial issues of Catholic Church nowadays, such as divorce, homosexuals, and corruption.

About homosexuals, Bergoglio said they shouldn’t be excluded and recalled his own words when he was flying from Brazil to Rome in 2013: “If one person is gay, seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge him?.

I paraphrased the Catholic Church catechism, where saya that people should be treated delicately and not excluded” added.

Above all I like to talk about “homosexual persons”, because first of all it is the person, his dignity. The person is just not defined for his sexual orientation: Don’t forget we are all creatures loved by God, target of this infinite love” said.

Besides, Pope condemned firmly corruption: critized corruption, as he already did several times through his papacy, and the persons who commit that crime.
“We should make a difference between the sinner and the corrupt. The first one recognizes being a sinner with humility and asks for forgiveness to raise again, meantime the corrupt make his acts as a system, and become a mental habit, a way of life”.

According Pope Francis, “the corrupt is who sins, but feels no regret and pretends to be christian; who regrets lack of security at the streets, but cheates State evading taxes. With his double life standard, horrifies”

Source: La Nación

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