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Another gay couple will adopt in Argentina

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Entre Ríos (Arg): They already have the temporary guard of a teenager abandoned by his parents. They have to wait six months for this to be definitive. It will be the first gay couple adoption in the province of Entre Rios (arg) and the second in the south american country.

After being two decades together, Guillermo Daniel Fernández Soulé and Carlos Fernández got married in 2013 in Santa Elena. And celebrated their marriage at the carnival fest. They had met at the carnival, where Guillermo is the director of the Itá Porá, one of the carnival teams and Carlos works as hairdresser.

They are the second same-sex marriage of the city and now they want to adopt a teenager who is already part of the family: W (to keep the minor identity, is used his initial name) is from Diamante (a city close to Santa Elena) and got to our lives to stay forever. On March 13rd, the couple signed the pre-adoptive guard of the teenager and they have to wait six months to have the definitive one. This is the second adoption of a gay couple in the Argentina.

The local newspaper “Diario Uno” tells that “Guillermo and Carlos never doubted they should enlarge the family“.
They had already planned that way when they met 19 years before, although they were aware that they shoudl have a job, a house and other demands, asked by the justice in adoption cases. When they were ready, they jumped to their aim and asked for an attorney, Guillermo Vega. “Their attitude is pure affection” the lawyer says.

The boy had a tough childhood in Santa Elena. He was abandoned by his father in a nuns convent, when he was 10 years old, and sometime later he was placed in a minor institute in Santa Elena. His biological mother was a woman who had disability issues, and according to some informs she is missing. His father would be in jail in Santa Fé, accused by different crimes.

The story of life of Guillermo, Carlos and their son, motivated other gay couples, ask for help for their dreams come true, the adoption.

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