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Nickelodeon introduces First Gay Cartoon Couple

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Nickelodeon is making major strides this week, as they introduce their first gay couple on Wednesday’s broadcast of The Loud House.

The cartoon follows 11-year-old Lincoln as the copes being the only boy among 10 sisters. On this wednesday’s episode, Lincoln’s friend, Clyde McBride, comes over for a sleepover. Lincoln opens the door to reveal that Clyde has two dads, saying, “Hi Mr. McBride. Hi Mr. McBride“, but makes no big deal over it at all.

The defining characteristic of Clyde’s dads is actually their overprotectiveness. They overwhelm Lincoln with Clyde’s sleepover essentials –a sleeping bag, pijamas, white-noise machine, humidifier, dehumidifier, earplugs, inhaler, and allergy medication– and provide emergency phone numbers. Harold -one of the daddys- warns: “Remember Clyde, no nuts, no gluten, no sugar and be careful with orange juice. You know how you get with pulp”.

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