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Mr. Gay World 2016 speaks spanish

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Mr. Gay World 2016 Contest has a new winner, is spanish, and is 30y.o. and his name is Roger Gosalbez. The event of the year, which looks for the prettiest gay man in the world took place at the Villa Rosa Palazzo in Malta.

Roger Gosalbez not only got the crown of Mr. Gay World 2016, he also got the “Best Photogenic Prize”, “Best Swimsuit Prize”, “Best Regional Suit” and “Best Culture Examination”. Besides Mr. Gay Austria, Chris Krauel was elected first finalist, and Mr. Gay Philippines, Christian Lacsamana was elected the second finalist.

Roger Gosalbez is just not a beauty face, he has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Graphic Designer, and Marketing.

  • Esteban J. V. ~ Argentina
    Esteban J. V. ~ Argentina
  • Rafael Fagundes ~ Brasil
    Rafael Fagundes ~ Brasil
  • Jordan Saavedra ~ Chile
    Jordan Saavedra ~ Chile
  • Jhonny Stiven Díaz ~ Colombia
    Jhonny Stiven Díaz ~ Colombia
  • Mario Marroquín ~ México
    Mario Marroquín ~ México
  • José Daniel García ~ Venezuela
    José Daniel García ~ Venezuela
  • Roger Gosalbez ~ España
    Roger Gosalbez ~ España

Among the Latinamerican contestants were present at Mr. Gay World 2016 were: From Argentina, Esteban J.V.; Brazil, Rafael Fagundes; Colombia, Jhonny Stiven Díaz; Chile, Jordan Saavedra; México, Mario Marroquin; Venezuela, José Daniel García and of course, from Spain; the King of the year, Roger Gosalbez.

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