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Two Nuns renounced their vows and join in Civil Union

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Rome: Two former nuns have been joined in a civil union in the small town of Pinerolo, at the Turín province in northern Italy.

Isabel and Federica renounced their vows as nuns after falling in love while working at a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

The women shared that they have not lost their faith and did not necessarily want to leave the church, but its views on homosexuality made it impossible for them to stay.

God wants people happy, to live the love in the light of the sun,” Isabel said to Italian newspaper La Stampa.

We call upon our church to welcome all people who love each other,” echoed Federica.

The Vatican was reportedly not happy when Italian lawmakers legalized same-sex civil unions earlier this year, but at least these nuns were able to find happiness together outside of the church.

Source: GayStar News by Adam Salandra

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