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Gay Marriage is 5 years old in Argentina

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The marriage law in Argentina, which includes homosexuals, is today 5 years old.

Since 2010 got married in the country 9423 couples. In Buenos Aires province, 2998; in Buenos Aires city (Capital of the Nation) 2278, followed by Córdoba with 970 marriages, Santa Fe with 895, Mendoza with 415. In all argentine provinces homosexual couples got married.
These statistics were given by Esteban Paulón, president of the LGTB Argentine Federation, and was made according to information collected by organizations, because don’t exist statistics in every provinces since july 2010.

We wonder, What new issues psychologists have to face, those who are in charge of mental health of population, this new law which let almost ten thousand marriages, ignored or minimized previously?
Did psychoanalysis reviewed its focus or positions? What learnings were incorporated in the academic world and medical?

The psychologist Andrea Aghazarian considers that implementation of this law, put caducous models in question, of those minorities of health professionals who adjusted their patients problems to a corrective method, that took a momentary change and, then, to deep depressive states, distress o construction of a parallel life, in forced marriages and sexual practices.

“Our job tries to keep the subject as closer to health as it can be, a life pulsion, keeping away of illness, with lethal pulsion, that in its extremes takes to death. Particularly it made psychologists easier our job: in the last 5 years, families get to the appointment with elaborated concepts by the society, because of the law, there is a part of the path who used to do us, that was made by the society”.

Source: By Verónica Dema for Boquitas Pintadas

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