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Massive support of the LGTB argentine Community to the March of #18F

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In spite of the 76% of gay community says will participate of the Silent March of #18F, C.H.A. (Argentine Homosexual Community) decided to divorce to reality just as like the national government of Cristina Kirchner.

C.H.A. decided to repudiate the Silent March of #18F, called by the prosecutors as consequence of the death of Nisman prosecutor.

Although C.H.A. don’t repeat the same government’s arguments, however the reason to do it is that one of the prosecutors, is Mr. José María Campagnoli, who would be involved in the persecution of travestis.

The president of C.HO.CA.F (Homosexual Community of Capital Federal) Mr. Christian Frías made statements to mirada-h and took distance to the C.H.A.

Our position is in favor to democratic values, and a silent march is to recall the death of Nation prosecutor, apparently killed for doing his work. That’s why we support the manifestation“.

Do you think, the call loses all value just for one of the prosecutors has doubtful actions?

Beyond information misused by Campagnoli prosecutor without a valid procedure, that does not devalue the fact the dead of a prosecutor”. “People is willing to assist the manifestation“.

Why do you think, César Cigliutti, president of the C.H.A. has decided to take distance of the general opinion?

C.H.A as many other institutions raise their flags when convenient. I mean, that institution is in line, no doubt, to the national government because of they get economic support of it”.
We, as part of institutions, shouldn’t say that our opinion is the general opinion“. he added.

We also asked Estebán Paulón, the opinion of the Federation of gays and lesbians). He said that he had no statement to do.

Survey in the argentine LGTB

Mirada-h made a survey through its facebook page, the results are the following.

Do you consider, the National Government let justice work freely?

The 88% considers the gov’t doesn’t let justice work freely.

Are you participating the Silent March of #18F?

76% of answers say that they will participate.

Do you think there are economic-politic reasons behind repudiation of the C.H.A.?

83% consider there are economic-politics reasons behind the position of the C.H.A. in line to the national gov’t.

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