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Mendoza Gay Pride Controversy

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Mendoza: The Mendoza LGBT community organized a new edition of the gay pride at the argentinian province.
It started at 19hs. at Kilómetro Cero, San Martín St. and pedestrian St. and marched on to the Local Congress.

The event was organized by the human rights secretary of the Nation presidency, Health and Sport Secretary of the Mendoza gov’t, Queen Disco, Vendimia para todos, INADI, OMIN and local city halls”.

About 1200 people participated at the event through the strees of the city, and finished the event at the Independence Square.

Kirchneriste Boicot to the Gay Pride

A group of kirchneriste fans (followers of the former gov’t leaded by Cristina Fernández full of judges of corruption), decided to boicott the event the gay pride of Mendoza. Through a Facebook group called out to march dressed in black. It had few success.

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