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Mar del Plata celebrated its 11° Gay Parade

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Mar del Plata: The atlantic city celebrated its 11th Gay Pride under the claim of “Acknowledging is Repairing”

Karina Freire a well know activist said to the Journal 0223 that the “this event is of happiness and pride for the things already gained”.

The Gay Parade was held in a shinny but windy day. The organizations gathered around at Mitre Square at 15hs, and marched on to the Cathedral at about 18hs.

The Mar del Plata Organizations didn’t include finally the request of “Freedom to Milagro Sala”, which had already been included at the beginning, taking into account the division that was made among Kirchnerist Organizations and others such as UCR Diversity in Buenos Aires. At the Buenos Aires Gay Parade the division was notorious, and provoked many people decided not to attend it.

The Mar del Plata Gay Parade, besides being a celebration, asked for “The Gov’t acknowledges an economic compensation for trans people who have always been in a vulnerability situation” added Freire.

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