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Mar del Plata: Official Authorities face Homophobic Attacks

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The violent and increasing events of neonazi gangs in Mar del Plata against LGTB people, called out the attention of national authorities, and last friday INADI (National Institute against Discrimination Bureau) signed an agreement with the Mar del Plata Ombudsman.

The first concrete political reaction after the attack against Javier Moreno Iglesias, president of AMADI, made by a neonazi gang was held last friday: The INADI director, Javier Buján, announced a new complaint center in the Ombudsman office.

President of Ombudsmen Association, Alejandro Amor; Human Rights local director, Sonia Rawicki, and the local ombudsmen, Fernando Rizzi, Fernando Cuesta and Walter Rodriguez were present at the event.

People who are victim of these kind of situations could be many times, not only at the moment itself but they are also discriminated by Justice. So the victim is twice victim. So that we should end these things from its root otherwise we are accomplices by act or omission” said Amor. “Any functionary who has the will, who thinks this should be minimized, ought leave his charge and go back home” he added.

This last statement was a alluding to the local Mayor Carlos Arroyo, who have said the crime committed was “like anyother one“.

The Ombudsman in Mar del Plata is situated at 2740 Belgrano St. Mar del Plata City. Te. +54-223-499-6502/3, e-mail: info@defensoriadelpueblo.mdp.gov.ar

Source: La CapitalMDP

Translation: Dano Pereyra

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