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A book that promises to cure Homosexuality causes controversy

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Tucumán, Argentina: The book of the north american psychotherapist Richard A. Cohen “Gay children, heterosexuals parents” caused controversy in Tucumán, Argentina.
The Northern University St Thomas Aquinas, situated at the tucuman capital started selling the magazine “Familia y Vida” (Family and life). There you can find a resume of Cohen’s book, that promises a cure for homosexuality.

Its author, Richard Cohen, swears he is a former homosexual and to help other people to do same, the tucuman university sponsored the selling of this revealing book.

Richard Cohen is a writer, lecturer and has license as a psychotherapist anymore, after being kicked out by the American association that rules his profession.

Cohen lived as gay during his youth, and after taking some cure therapies, he finally became heterosexual.
From that moment, Cohen gives lectures based on the theory that people may change their sexual orientation for the simple fact of desire it.

Social organizations complained about this book presentation. Estebán Paulón, president of FALGBT said “The FALGBT denounces the lectures, classes and pseudoscientific books, that only promotes intolerance and desinformation, and violates the argentine law of gay marriage and gender identity, but also the menthal health law bans any diagnosis based on sexual identity of people”.

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