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Young Man was beaten for Homosexual in Cordoba

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Córdoba, Arg: A young man was brutally assaulted physical and oral for being homosexual. The young man is Gónzalo Valverde, he is a student an lives in Córdoba, Argentina. After being assaulted he published in his Facebook account pictures, where it can be seen his hurt face.

“This early morning (saturday) I was victim of a clearly homophobic attack in downtown of Cordoba. I don’t tell details about the fact, but I want to stand out that pain is leaving but anger is growing, and want to go on fighting for a homolesbotransphobialess society… When I get better and less painful I will write something more”, he said.

With the post you can see a picture of Gonzalo with his face absolutely beaten and a bandage. However he critized the doctor who assisted him, and said he was also homophobic. Valverde said: “It was saturday in the morning and on my way home I was assaulted in an homophobic attack. I got home, and my partner and I made for the hospital. Once at the hospital the doctor told me something homophobic. “Leave necking for home”. Homophobia continued even at the Hospital”.

Friday September 9th, at 18hs was made a Protest, at tha Plaza de la Intendencia in Cordoba City against “Homolesbotransphobia”.

Source: La Nación
Translation: Dano Pereyra @danielsur

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