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Malvinas Islands: Gay Marriage has been approved

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Puerto Argentino: The Legislative Assembly also voted overwhelmingly to approve civil partnerships for both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples.
The British Overseas Territory, considered as a colony by the UN and Argentina has claimed rights over the Malvinas Islands for more a century.

The population of Malvinas Islands (Falkland Islands as called by the british gov’t) are around 3,000, and the Assembly passed the law with seven votes in favour, and one against.

The extention of marriage rights comes after a public consultation, which found that 90% of respondents within the Malvinas Islands were in favour of same-sex marriage and 94% were in favour of civil partnerships for all couples.
87% supported church weddings for same-sex couples when permitted by the church concerned.

A spokesperson for the islands, located in the South Atlantic ocean, told PinkNews: “The move sends a clear and powerful message that all people and all relationships are equal, it does not matter whether they are a same sex couple or not and the law now reflects the Malvinas Islands’ tradition of being an open, tolerant and respectful community.”

They added: “The legislative changes will put civil partnership on an equal footing with marriage and it will be an option open to any couple who wish to solidify their relationship with legal underpinning, but who do not wish to go down the traditional route of marriage.”
The bill guarantees couples in civil partnerships the same parental rights as married couples and notes that “parents to a child may be two mothers or two fathers”.

The islands become one of just a handful of territories to recognise civil partnerships for all couples, and part of an even shorter list to offer the same rights for civil partnerships as marriage.
And with 90% support for marriage equality, it’s thought the territory is one of the most LGBT friendly places on the planet.
The Malvinas is also set to hold its own pride event, the most southerly pride in the world, at the end of April.

Source: PinkNews

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