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Mayor Curto: “Being Travesti is an illness”

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The mayor from Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina; Hugo Curto, who belongs to the Kirchnerian party was interviewed by Ernesto Tenembaum for the program “Tierra de locos” at Rock & Pop radio.
Among several subjects he talked about sexual diversity and said. “Being a travesti is an illness, we ought to understand her” referring to Florencia de la V.

Curto said: “Something must be wrong, it is no normal that a woman be a man, or a man be a woman. Anyway we ought to understand him.

This controversy comes after Jorge Lanata said that “Florencia de la V “is not a woman is a travesti, I support her as a travesti, I don’t need her to become something she is not…”

Pedro Paradiso Sottile, legal secretary from the C.H.A. said “We denounce the severe and illegal discrimination statements of Mayor Hugo Curto, they not only are against the LGTBI community but against democracy too. To talk about the trans citizens as “travesti” or “sick” are totally against the gender identity law. This is embarrassing, repudiable, an insult to everybody. As mayor, he should be more responsible.

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