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Take homosexuality is beneficial to health!

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People who accept their homosexual orientation publicly are much less stressed than those who ” stay in the closet ” and even less than heterosexual persons .

By María José Boat – shell Amarga

This is one of the results achieved by the team of Dr. Robert -Paul Juster of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress ( LSEC ) Lafontaine Hospital in Canada, after conducting a major study of stress.

The objective of this research was to determine whether discrimination and homophobia that are subject to the gay and bisexual group, affected them more than heterosexuals. But the results were not as expected . “As a group , gay men and bisexuals suffer less stress and physiological problems than heterosexuals ,” declared Juster told the BBC. In addition , the doctor and his team found that those gay people who were open with their families and friends ” had less anxiety, less depression and cortisol levels .”

Cortisol is a hormone that is activated in response to stress . In the measurement of this hormone and other biological indicators , such as insulin or adrenaline , this study was based .

According to experts of the study, the result is due to the resistance : if they can be honest with one’s immediate social environment on their sexual preferences, tend to show a strength that allows them to overcome any obstacle. “If you are an individual who has passed some form of adversity and are able to develop a strategy to overcome it, as a person you become healthier and more able to deal with future stress. Believe that’s what we’ve seen in people who have out of the closet , “explained the research coordinator .

For the research, 87 subjects (men and women ) of different sexual orientation , a questionnaire designed by the scientists contained general questions, statistical data for how it was handled stress, regardless of sexual orientation.

However, homosexual and bisexual women revealed similar levels of depression than men in the same group, but recorded to slightly higher levels than heterosexual women . ” There are several research suggesting that within the population of gays , lesbians and bisexuals , no difference in terms of health,” the most likely to have depression being lesbian and bisexual women . From the team Juster , believe that this is because ” lesbians are a minority within a minority ( … ) are a kind of marginalized group within an already marginalized group “ they explain.

The work, which was published in Psychosomatic Medicine concluded that positive help coming out gay people and that should be a public health issue . Also reinforce this idea based on previous studies that associate health homosexuals in society interacts and laws to allow greater integration.

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