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Homophobia in Caleta Olivia, Argentina

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At Cebra Disco in Caleta Olivia, in Santa Cruz province in Argentina, Valentina Benitez was celebrating a birthday party with some friends. When she kissed her girlfriend, the security staff drove her out of the place.

The girl said that “We were just celebrating a birthday party and I was with one girl, and we kissed each other and the security staff warned us if we do it again, they would drive us out, and as we keep on doing it, we were kicked out“. Anyway, she told them she was doing nothing wrong, but they were kicked out.

“I was doing nothing wrong to anyone”, the girl said: “I was no fighting to anyone, that would be a real reason to do so, but for my sexual orientaion, that’s not good. They should respect anyone” added.

For that reason, a manifestation was done at the Disco situated in Malvinas St.
Benitez said she will denounce the Disco for discrimination.

Source: El Patagónico

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