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González Oro comes out & introduces his boyfriend

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Oscar González Oro, famous argentinian journalist is gay an introduced his boyfriend through Instagram. A secret which was well known, finally was confirmed by himself.

González Oro threw out a bomb throuhg Instagram by publishing a picture where it can be seen himself and a young man marked by a big heart.

Into the gay community, the sexual orientation of “Negro oro” was well known, however the secret was deeply kept.

At Teleshow, González Oro said “Yesterday was a rainy day, I was in Paris. I was checking up Instagram photos of a long journey he had made together and made up of mind to post that photo not as a message but as an statement. I published that knowing it would become a real mess, because I got more than 300 likes in Instagram, which is a lot for me. But, I did it because I wanted to, because I deserve it, and he (his boyfriend) deserves it too. Tato (Pablo “Tato” Cabrera) was shocked, but he is happy. Finaly it is a love statement…”

González Oro said that the young man is a civil pilot: “Tato is a person, who during the past two years and a half was by my side, in the good times, and in the bad times; in joy and in sadness.”

When he was asked how long the relationship takes, he answered: “Two years and half. We are a family, María Luisa (the little dog), Tato and me“.

Source: Infobae
Translation: Dano Pereyra

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