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Buenos Aires Subway Station will be named Carlos Jáuregui

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Buenos Aires: In memory to the argentinian gay activist, the station Santa Fé of the H Line of Buenos Aires Subway will be name “Santa Fé-Carlos Jáuregui”.

“It is almost 40 years of history of LGTBI community, and he belongs a recognition for that, not only Carlos Jáuregui but many LGTBI activists too who opened up the way for widen gays’ rights we all have nowadays in the city and across the country”, said the legislator Maximiliano Ferraro one of the authors of the bill, altogether to Pablo Ferreyra and Carlos Tomada.

Ferraro also remarked the support he got with this bill, and celebrated the support of the Mayor of the city Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and others functionaries.

“Carlos Jáuregui settled down new concepts, he was one of the most important activists after Argentina recovered democracy, he was the founder of Argentinian Homosexual Community (C.H.A.), and also founded Gays for Civil rights, he stood against to the policial edicts in Buenos Aires City, and wrote himself the antidiscrimination clause that today is the 11th article of Buenos Aires City Constitution” said Ferraro.

Source: La Nación
Translation: Dano Pereyra @danielsur

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