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¿Is peruvian society ready for the homosexual civil union?

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Different homosexual organizations in Peru joined a book with ten thounsand signs in support to the same sex civil union project and they were taken to the justice and human rights commission in the peruvian parliament.
The gay and human rights organizations exhorted to the justice commission to issue an opinion that guarantee equality and no discrimitation to homosexual couples as had previously issued the minister of Justice and the ombudsman.
Carlos Bruce, the legislator who impulsed the law, said it is a priority to take care of rights of sexual minorities, in order they have no chance to defend and claim for their knowledge. “Nothing is lost” in the approval of this law and leads to an act of inclusion and equality. However, the peruvian society is still very “conservative and has deep catholic roots”.
In September 2013, a poll revealed that more than 60% of the peruvians were against the proyect of “Same sex civil union project”. In the near future, we’ll be able to know if the project goes on at the commission in order to be approved by the parliament afterwards.

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