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He is Gay and his Mother kicked him out from home

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Neuquén: Sebastián is 16 years old, is a student, lives in Neuquén and was kicked out of this home after telling his mother he is gay.

His mother is single and has 4 more kids, and when the teenager told her about his sexual orientation the answer was the roughest one any kid could get: “I don’t want a fag into our family“, and she added “he did not deserve carry the surname and the best he could do, was to leave the house.”

Before this rejection, he asked his father for help, but sadly he got almost the same answer.

The teenager tired of knocking his parents’ doors, He made for his aunt, who did  the right thing and gave the kid the contention he needed.

Sebastián and his aunt went to the Diversity Direction at the Neuquén Province. They were received by Adrián Urrutía and lawyers, who could get some calmnes to this young man.

As first measure, the counselor Mariana Gonzalez succeded in getting part of the alimony, her mother perceived. And also, the Diversity Direction asked for a scholarship before the Education Minister of Neuquén for Sebastian be able to continue school.

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