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At the Harvest Festival Everybody is Included

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Mendoza: For the first time in the history of the Festival, since the gay harvest festival was born in 1996, the night of march 3rd in 2017 will be part of the history. The Kings and the Queens of the traditional and gay Festival marched on together.

In 2003, the Gov’t of Mendoza declared the Gay Harvest Festival of cultural & tourist interest. Ten years later, in 2013, the Tourism Minister of the Nation declared the Harvest Gay Festival of Touristic National Interest.

The History of the Gay Harvest, which this year is celebrating it XXII edition, has taken a long time, but with concrete achievements, altogether with civil and human rights laws, such as the gay marriage in Argentina, the first country in a latin american country.

“There have been a dinamic intervention of the Tourism Secretary of Mendoza, Gabriela Testa, who supported the events which set Mendoza as one of the main inclusion referents all over the world” said Gabriel Canci, producer and director of the Event “Vendimia para todos”.

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