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Condom of the future

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Graphene Condoms: condom future

The male condom is the older method of birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but was popularized in the mid-nineteenth century. The material it is made, has been changing throughout its existence. For example, the first condom was made of animal guts, today it’s latex as the main material. Although very soon, there will be a revolution in the world of contraceptive methods; because everything indicates that in the future it will be possible to have condoms graphene.

What is graphene

Graphene is composed of carbon material, very thin and light, malleable and resistant. It is even stronger than steel and easily combined with other materials, so that the uses of graphene can be extremely varied.

A graphene sheet is extremely thin, as it has the thickness of one atom.
Their resistance may be comparable to that of diamonds, but much lower cost. Discovered in 2004 by scientists Sir Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov Sir, (who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010), graphene has unique potential to become part of the daily activities of people, even sex …

Male condoms future

The foundation established by Bill and Melinda Gates is dedicated, among other things, research for the prevention and treatment of AIDS. So far, the use of condoms is the best prevention against this disease.

Despite this, its use is not excessive: some people claim that it is uncomfortable, while others consider decreasing the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse. In addition, there are people strongly allergic to latex, the main material of modern condoms and manufactured rubber are expensive and not as efficient.

Therefore, in late 2013, the Gates called a competition to achieve the scientific community to create a more effective and comfortable condom, graphene remains one of the preferred materials. A winning scientists were given $ 100 thousand dollars to develop your project.

Although among the proposals is the use of other compounds such as polyethylene and collagen, graphene is presented as the best solution and it is likely that very soon find condoms made of such material and that would not be more expensive than today.

The most interesting and innovative proposals will receive $ 1 million dollars extra to realize his project; contributing not only to contraception, but also to avoid venereal diseases, which are an epidemic in many parts of the world.


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