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Pope Francis puts aside a conservative cardinal

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Always Catholic Church was considered frozen in the middle age, however when any member of this tried to adapt their times, he was badly punished.

Since Pope Francis arrived Rome, fresh air started blowing, and changes are not seen as threat; putting aside guilt and accepting humanity.

Still echoes of Pope Francis are being heard, when in july 2013, plane which took him away from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, where the World Youth journey had been taken; pronounced this speech recorded in our ears; “If a gay person, looks for lord, and has good will, who am I to judge him?”

This phrase fell as a cold water bucket in the most conservative sectors of catholic church, meanwhile others breathed with relief before so much hypocrisy seen for years.

Francis continued with his preach and last september authorized a divorced couple, and married again under the civil law, to take communion. Without mentioning, the public condemn to pedophiles members of the catholic church.

After these attitudes, Pope called to the Synod about family, and heard with attention the different positions of world’s cardinals. However, the way the most conservative sectors of the catholic church publicly challenged the pope, woke up the anger of Francis. And He decided to drown this little rebellion.

One of them was the north american cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who is part of this conservative wing and criticized Pope Francis’s approach to gays and divorced people.

Nowadays, for Pope’s order, cardinal Burke has to leave his position as prefect to the Supreme Trial of Apostolic Signature, the highest position at the vatican and was put into a honorific post like the Malta Order.

The most conservative sectors criticize Pope Francis and call him “Despot and Tyrant”. Changing winds come close, but maybe they come with some storms. It just a matter of time to know it.

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