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Violence against Lesbians has decreased in Bogotá

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Bogotá: Bogotá: Violence and discrimination at Bogota city against lesbians has decreased during the last past four years, the District Administration admitted. According to the las poll of LGBTI Public Policy, that perception of infringement has decreased 36%, compared to 2010. In that year the indicator was 98,6%.

Lesbians women said that they feel more accepted in the city and when their rights are violated it is in double via, for their sexual orientation and for her gender. It means, for being women and being lesbians.

According to Juan Carlos Prieto, director of Sexual Diversity of Planning Secretary, “lesbians start feeling more powerful in the city. However, violence still exist on women for their sexual orientation, and for her gender too“. That violence towards them maybe: oral, physical, symbolic and in many cases by insinuation.

An intrafamiliar violence exists in many homoparental homes, we talk about partner violence, but in familiar environment too. Their families, generally, are the main victimizers of lesbians, who seem searching to correct that “mistake” as they call it. Many of them have been victim of “corrective rape” Prieto said.

About Health right, a 8% lesbians asked said that these rights are not guaranteed. Although few of them don’t attend health services for fear of being discriminated and lack of specialized attention.

Lesbians have health problems related to that specialized attention that avoid attending to tests to detect, for instance, breast cancer or cervix cancer. Precisely for fear to be discriminated and no properly questions according to their sexual orientation“.

Discrimination at the working environment, during 2014 lesbians were victims of some kind of discrimination, reject, abuse and aggression related to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

They can obtain a job, as happens to transgender women. But at the working environment, daily, is where we can visibilize their sexual orientation is not accepted, and are victims of discrimination, bullying and is limited their promotion or are not taken into account for working team decisions“.

Source: El Espectador

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