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Homophobic Leader prevented Oral Trial

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Mar del Plata: The extreme right leader Carlos Pampillón will not have a oral judgement because he was given a “probation” as penalty.

The Oral Federal Court of Mar del Plata let it know this week a resolution that let Carlos Pampillón not to face the oral judgement and gave him a probation, for that reason he has to attend to the Law School for “Constitutional Rights subject” and he is prohibited to participate at the “Patriotic National Forum”.

At the same resolution the Court said that Pampillón should pay for the damage produced during the attacks occured at the “Memory-Truth-Justice Monument” settled down in front of the Naval Base and the Bolivian Residents Center.

The Court explains that this resolution was taken in order to impose conduct rules to the defendant Pampillón. Apart from the penalties imposed, Pampillón has to pay General Pueyrredón Town for the expenses for repairing the monument settled down at the Naval Base.

The extreme right leader introduces himself as a “argentinina patriot” and “Fonapa Leader” a natiolist group of Mar del Plata whom members claimed as “skinhead” and “fascists”, responsibles of xenophobic graffitis and aggressions to homosexual activists.

Source: Telam
Translation: Daniel Zamora @danielsur

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