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From Franco’s Dictatorship to Madrid World Pride

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Madrid: The noise in the streets of Madrid, full of tourists dressed as they are, half-naked or travestied walk freely through the streets; the old spanish capital keeps many memories in it: some of them happy, some of them sad.

Since 1954, homosexuals in Spain were sentenced to jail under the law known as “Vagrants and thugs”. In the highest moment of Franco’s dictatorship, who hated homosexuals, that law was reformed to repress gay people. Finally in january 1979, that rule was abolished.

In XXI century Spain has become in one of the leaders countries around the globe in sexual diversity, and this week is hosting one of the biggest parties which celebrates diversity.

Among the many activities of the Madrid Gay Pride Celebration, the city hall has been hosted a sample where it was told part of the history of homosexuality in Spain.

Argentinians do know many unknown and some of them, well known gay people who were victims of discrimination, such as Miguel de Molina who passed away in Buenos Aires, and he lived in Argentina for many years, because he has no space in Spain for being “homosexual”.

Spain jumped into equality when in 2005, was set the law of Homosexual marriage. It was not the first country, but one of the most progressive laws around the world.

We thank the cooperation of tourism secretary of Spain embassy in Buenos Aires.

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