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Mexico Supreme Court approves gay marriage

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Mexico City: The National Justice Supreme Court (SCJN) declared unconstitutional the civil codes of the States that only consider as marriage, the union between a man and a woman, whose final proposal be procreation. This new point of view applies all along and across the country and impacts in every judgements procedures related to this subject.

Leticia Bonifaz, general manager of Studies, Promotion and Development of Human Rights of the highest court, announced that this jurisprudence would be published soon.
After the ceremony of the fourth anniversary of the Constitutional Reform of Human rights, Bonifaz said that the number of cases of same sex marriage solved by the SCJN allowed to establish a new jurisprudence.

This way, the jurisprudence 43/2015 published says about the marriage issue that “any law of any state of the mexican union, that considers procreation as final proposal or defines that it is celebrated only between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional”.

Among the arguments taken into account the court said “There are others marriage purposes, if procreation is the only one, people of certain age or with health problems couldn’t marry.

The importance of the jurisprudence “is from now on there is a clear argument of what the Supreme court considers unconstitutional”.

Source: elinformador.com.mex

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