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Cup of the Americas LGTBIQ II

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Last week was played the American Cup LGTBIQ in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The event was organized by GAPEF (Sports group for sexual diversity) and joins football (soccer) amateur teams of the region. The main aim of this championship is to practice sport faraway of prejudices and repressions.

In this edition participated:
From Chile: Cóndores CGD y Egalitarian, Fútbol X
From Uruguay: Uruguay Celeste – Selección de Fútbol de la Diversidad.
From Bolivia: DBA
From Mexico: Lobos
From Argentina: 100% Trans, Cafia F.C., Cóndores F.C., Comando Pájaro Andino, Estrellas homeless world cup, Fénix F.C., Hecho Club Social, La Cantera, La Legión, La Nuestra Aliadas de la 31, Las Diversas, Las Panteras, Liberfull-Rosario, Los Dogos, Leones de Zión, Morena Boys, Pink Rage, Sónicos, El Quincho, Santo, SAFG, Real, Deportivo LTA y San Enrique.

Good winner

Los Dogos is a team integrated by homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual men; it has shown from the
beginning, in february 1998 a high partnership spirit and respect for the difference. It was the first gay soccer team of Latin America.
Los Dogos challenged, at the final of the AmericanCup 2014 II, to Pink Rage, and Los Dogos won the match by penalties.

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