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Colombia: After school authorities bullying, teenager commits suicide

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We can still read at Sergio Urrego’s facebook profile a sentence “My sexuality is not a sin, is my own paradise”.

Sergio was 16 y.o. and used to attend “Gimnasio Castillo Campestre School”. He was a critic and political person and had a sentimental relationship with one of his class-mates, for that reason he suffered bullying from his teachers and directors of the school, where he was compelled to take “mental aptitude approval” to attend classes.

When he let know his relationship with another boy, the school principal prohibited him to attend classes.

According some witnesses, the principal had denied the entrance to the school. “She said that he couldn’t attend classes till the meeting is made, so he asked her: Are you taking me away the right to education? and the principal would have answered “yes”! said Yuliana Gil, a Sergio’s relative.

In one of his Sergio letters he says “Although I put down the reasons of my suicide, I want to make it clear that it’s not my father’s or my mother’s fault (…); several problems I lately had (especially at school) were the reason of my decision...”

The education minister of Colombia, Gina Parody, said she will investigate this case, and will punish the
institution with cancellation of license or any other punishments
if it is proved any relation with Sergio’s


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